energyXT2 "Core" now avilable

energyXT 1.3.6

Uploaded 15-november-2005.

The demo version of energyXT will let you save, but you need a license key to re-load your projects. Get your license online now at shareIt or PayPal

Download Standalone application. ASIO only

  • Option 1: setup - Windows installer
  • Option 2: - Create a new folder on your HD and unzip into it, make sure to unzip with subfolders
  • Download VST instrument version

  • - Unzip energyXT.dll into your VstPlugins folder
  • Download VST effect version

  • - Unzip energyXTE.dll into your VstPlugins folder

  • Other downloads

  • energyPRO phrase synthesizer, free for registered energyXT users
  • Freeware drum sampler Machine II with kits by Scot Solida, Teksonik and others
  • Freeware sampler CyberFREE
  • Freeware MIDI in VST plug-in, adds MIDI in support from the OS to energyXT
  • Also check out the Shop

    Beta 24-sept-06 | |

    -"Send MIDI to inserts" didnt save properly with sampler, now fixed
    -On/off state or arp comp wasnt saved, now fixed

    Beta 16-may-06

    -VST Param faders in mixer not updating properly, now fixed
    -VST editor windows now have power button
    -Projects saved in standalone version would crash the VST instrument version when loaded in Podium, now fixed.
    -MIDI channel filter on VST comps (RCh) now also works with "CC to VST param" mapping
    -Added 192000Hz option to the render window

    Beta 27-feb-06

    -Fixed a subwindow bug (sequencer editors) with VST version in Live

    Beta 25-feb-06

    -Fixed a bug with undocking comps
    -Fixed some bugs with energyXT hosted as a VST in Live (preset dropdown and receiving MIDI after opening new projects)

    Beta 17-feb-06

    -Fixed an issue with eXT and FX Teleport (the byteSize field of vst events are now set properly)
    -Inserting MIDI notes with snap disabled will now still use snap as default note length

    Beta 10-feb-06

    -Fixed a bug with sample start display in sampler comp
    -You can now convert a slicer to a layer in the sampler comp
    -Delete send would mix up send levels, now fixed
    -Pasting parts would always snap position to bar, now fixed
    -Added 88200hz option to the render window
    -Fixed a bug with PDC and starting in middle of a sample at loop start
    -When pasting notes in the MIDI editor there was a popup message, now removed

    Beta 3-feb-06

    -Composer in MIDI editor didnt work with program change and pitch bend, now fixed
    -Ctrl-click or middle-click send level in main mixer for MIDI learn
    -Copy track/arr didnt keep mute state of ghosted clips, now fixed

    Beta 21-jan-06

    -Fixed a bug with deleting samples in sampler when using slicer
    -Fixed a past notes at wrong position bug
    -Fixed bug with unmute/unsolo and PDC
    -Added "pushed" state to rewind (sequencer) button in main mixer

    Beta 13-jan-06

    -You can now use mono outputs in sequencer
    -Using eXT VST as send in sequencer and adding plugins with PDC into it, will automatically be detected in sequencer
    -Loading very huge samples into sequencer didnt display properly, now fixed
    -Added option to Render in mono

    Beta 6-jan-06

    -Closing eXT with a groove/midifx editor open would show error message, now fixed
    -Added a 'quick select CC' button for the controller lane in the sequencer
    -Fixed bug with midi I.Ch fitler on tracks in sequencer

    Beta 30-dec-05

    -Fixed a bug with routing audio tracks while playing
    -Copy sample to new ch in-track didnt work, now fixed
    -Replace VST in main window didnt release from memory, now fixed
    -Fixed an out of sync bug with adding a new track while playing

    Beta 23-dec-05

    -Render was ignoring tempo track, now fixed
    -Fix bug with automating send levels and midi input from outside sequencer
    -Double-click in meter to start playback

    Beta 16-dec-05

    -Send level automation support
    -Fixed bug in sampler with editing points in free-hand LFO
    -Will now import/export tempo and meter changes from midi files
    -Option to show note names on notes in MIDI editor
    -Ther was a problem with grid lines in editors when using per-song timesig, now fixed
    -PageUp/Down will now scroll 1 octave in midi editor

    Beta 2-dec-05

    -Use mousewheel in meter to zoom in midi and audio editors
    -Snap lines are no longer hidden when snap is off
    -Altr + rightclick empty area in sequencer would show error message, now fixed
    -Added per-song time signature support
    -Time sigs other than 8th and 4th didnt work, now fixed

    Beta 26-nov-05

    -Time signature support

    Version 1.3.6 15-november-2005

    -Automatic plugin delay compensation on intruments, insert FX and send FX
    -"Wait note" recording
    -Envelope tracks can now be mapped to tempo
    -Added option for Track delay (samples, ms or ticks)
    -You can now replace insert fx on comps in main window
    -Glitch-free volume/pan automation and fader/knob dragging
    -Pan automation
    -Improved text handling in edit boxes (selection, copy, paste etc)
    -Duplicate arrangement
    -Duplicate variation
    -Preset generator Random now with 1-100% option
    -Added new line mode for envelope tracks: step/flat, can be used in combination with ramp/curve
    -Input envelope values manually in in-track mode
    -You can now edit the midi channel of events in the MIDI editor
    -Power off VST comp will now bypass audio to next comp in audio chain
    -Multicore support
    -Support for panning law -6dB, -3dB or -0dB
    -Press 'n' to mute notes and audio events in sequencer
    -Split selected parts from arr menu now also works in multi mode
    -You can now edit the audio intput/output configuration of VSTs loaded into the sequencer
    -Ch mixer in audio part comp stopped working after editing events, now fixed
    -Click on a variation in multimode will now switch to that arrangement/variation
    -Fixed a bug with changing buffer size in Audio setup (when using only audio tracks)
    -Sampler slice will now always insert at least one slice
    -Drag and drop re-order arrangements in multimode
    -In-track envelope will now diplay values on the break points
    -Use Ctrl+u to unghost parts
    -Fixed midi channel problem with pitch bend and cc in sampler in multimode
    -Fixed problem with exporting midi file with multiple midi channels (could not be read in some hosts)
    -Recording in the VST version will now not start until you start playback in the host
    -Fixed a volume bug with frozen tracks and using groove with velocity effect
    -You can now set pos and loop locators from inside audio and MIDI editors
    -After offsetting the start of a midi part, recorded notes was time stamped incorectly. Same with export to midi file. Now fixed
    -Fixed a loop bug in live mode
    -Less sub-menu levels on output routing in mixer (if comp has only one audio out)
    -MIDI file export from sequencer now includes track names
    -Changing the number of audio outputs in a eXT VST loaded into eXT SA will no longer delete the inserts effects on the unaffected audio outputs
    -Copy to audio folder will not copy the sample if it was linked from the same folder as the audio folder
    -Paste and duplicate bitmaps in GUI editor will now keep the alpha color properly
    -Resizing note in MIDI editor will now update the length box in the toolbar
    -VST versions would cause a crash on VST scan in some hosts, fixed
    -New ASIO dll, better support for Echo ASIO cards
    -Added option to Copy all wavs to audio folder
    -Added button in mixer title section for opening VST editors
    -Option for temp audio folder. You can then record audio, freeze and bounce before you have saved the project
    -You can now move controller events with alt + arrow keys in MIDI Editor
    -Alt + down to change velocity in step mode also moved the step cursor, now fixed
    -Changing sampler comp params will now flag it as modified
    -Fixed some issues with 'auto show' and 'show selected' in mixer
    -Open insert fx editor would unselect audio track in mixer, now fixed
    -CC map window now works without capturing all keyboard/mouse input
    -Export MIDI file in sequencer now uses .mid as default
    -Alt + right-click to slice in sampler (same as with parts, notes and audio clips)
    -You can now "ungrab" screenshots of VSTs
    -Fixed some display problems with the Sampler comp and the preset selector in the mixer
    -Added checkmarks to main popup menu to show which midi and audio outputs are connected
    -Unlinking audio inputs on VSTs didnt work properly after reloading the project, now fixed
    -Volume meter led was showing too low value, now fixed