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tutorial: 3.5MB (Right Click - Save Target As...) Video tutorial for eXT MIDI-out usage in SX2
Author: cold c, 20061202

skin: Evoltion of the first Default GUI
Author: userbob, 20060917

other: 58 Lead synths for the sampler 12.5 meg
Author: NAS, 20060403

other: 67 Bass synths for the sampler 14 meg
Author: NAS, 20060403

other: 24 Misc synths for the sampler 9 meg
Author: NAS, 20060403

tutorial: DarkStar's Beginner's guide in German!
Author: Klemperer, 20060130

skin: This skin somewhat emulates the scheme of iZotopes Ozone3 (v1.0.2) Slight update
Author: IndiQa, 20060108

other: XT download and installation tool .
Author: plastique, 20051016

tutorial: Manual for EnergyXT (.chm and .pdf) - changed adress
Author: ebop, 20050427

skin: Updated SXT skin for 1.3
Author: branis, 20050409

other: MIDI plugins that can be used in energyXT
Author: cold c, 20050213

skin: Pro Tools look v1.3.0v2 UPDATED
Author: dramsenik, 20050209

other: .xts: synths_v1
Author: sdv, 20050117

skin: ext icon v2
Author: branis, 20050116

skin: New skin - fairly dark but simple and elegant [hopefully]
Author: bones, 20050114

other: E_XTernal Synth 1 synth bank for XT Sampler 32 sounds + 1 Drum Kit
Author: Benedict, 20041220

skin: Latest version of my skin for EnergyXT 1.30b! Tweaked + ic_monitor added.
Author: Shifrin, 20041215

skin: some skins for eXT (url update + skins updated to beta 15-12-04)
Author: plastique, 20041215

skin: Duck Egg GUI for the serious sequencer user who needs easy viewing
Author: Benedict, 20041211

skin: XP Silver v1.3.0
Author: DarkStar, 20041129

skin: SXT, a skin inspired by the color scheme of CubaseSX
Author: branis, 20041126

other: an icon for xts files
Author: branis, 20041126

skin: updated Plastic Cube skin
Author: branis, 20041126

skin: XT Gold (two versions)and Silver Updated Nov. 17, 2004
Author: MRT, 20041117

other: Few drumkits for EXT Sampler :-)
Author: implant, 20041103

skin: EnergyXT icon
Author: branis, 20041011

skin: piz skin version 2
Author: insertpizhere, 20041005

skin: chocolate (updated)
Author: insertpizhere, 20041005

skin: Slightly tuned version of the default skin
Author: branis, 20041003

skin: Ice Cube v2.0
Author: branis, 20040922

skin: Plastic Cube v1.0
Author: branis, 20040922

video: XT Flash Tutorials
Author: NicFit, 20040821

skin: Amoebe
Author: Amoebe, 20040808

skin: piz (updated for 1.2.7)
Author: insertpizhere, 20040711

skin: emagic logic skin
Author: simonhans73, 20040710

skin: my first skin. Grey, light green and orange...
Author: prodromos, 20040626

skin: my first skin...(UPDATED 6-23-04)
Author: NicFit, 20040624

skin: Skin based on FruityLoops (UPDATED 6-23-04)
Author: NicFit, 20040624

other: Useful modular plugins for use in XT.
Author: Rozzer, 20040520

tutorial: Sequencer Tutorial...and more
Author: NicFit, 20040517

tutorial: CC Automation tutorial...
Author: NicFit, 20040517

skin: Sytrus Skin
Author: pheeleep, 20040501

skin: Blue Energy Skin
Author: pheeleep, 20040501

skin: h20 skin by pHz
Author: pHz, 20040328

skin: ice skin by pHz
Author: pHz, 20040328

skin: sky skin by pHz
Author: pHz, 20040328

skin: mono skin by pHz
Author: pHz, 20040328

skin: Skin based on KvR
Author: pough, 20040319

skin: Skin based on Tracktion
Author: pough, 20040319

skin: Skin based on Tracktion - now with more green!
Author: pough, 20040319

other: various icons
Author: plastique, 20040319